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Intermediate School


At Ganado Intermediate, we believe there’s a lot more to education than just academics. Students need the opportunity to apply their skills and learn leadership through extracurricular, hands-on activities. In addition to our academic programs, we offer our students the following opportunities:

Student Council

Participation in student government gives students valuable experiences in the democratic process. Our students at Ganado Intermediate will work in partnership with school administrators, staff, other students, and parents for the benefit of the school. Student council is all about affecting positive change and learning that one person really can make a difference. Students should contact their teacher or the school office for more information about getting involved.

After-School Clubs

As a way of encouraging our students to pursue interests such as cultural dance, athletics, and art, we are happy to offer the following after-school clubs:

  • Pow Wow Club

Students who wish to become involved in one of our after-school clubs should contact their teacher or the school office. 

Celebrating Quality Awards

Celebrating Quality Awards provide recognition for students at Ganado Intermediate who serve as good examples to other students. Staff members nominate students for being good all-around school citizens, exemplifying good behavior, making contributions to the school, community, or fellow students, showing the most improvement, and for demonstrating outstanding effort, attitude, attendance or academic achievement. The principal will present these outstanding students with Quality Award certificates four times a year, following the grading periods.